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Welcome to Promises a brand new guild at Lucent Heart. We aim to be the best their is! but not only being the best, we aim to be the most friendly and helpful guild out their!

Promises was created by myself, for mainly friends. But now I want to broaden on this. I don't want to add randomers, let's get to know people. Don't get me wrong I allow anyone in the guild as long as they are happy, cheerful people who have a sense of fun and helpfulness. But I don't want complete random people that we have never met, just to up the numbers. I want each person in the guild to be known as a friend.

The name was created by _Miguel_ out of complete randomness. So no real meaning in my eyes. But looking at it the meaning can mean many things in people's lives. So I guess this guild applies to anyone who has ever made a promise.

The guild is currently growing slowly but steadily and we hope in the future to have a guild of people that can live up to what we imagine as the guild should be. I hope you all can fulfill this.

Little information about the guild here, as in we will be hosting events when we can for items donated to us, and also small in-game cash sums. Just to get more fun into the guild. But we won't be able to do events till we have more people and we are higher levels. I will re-edit this part once we will be doing events, so check out the Schedule for our guilds events.

And now to meet the team behind this.

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  • Ushie
  • _Miguel_
  • Kamitan (Kami works too)
  • Sonoka
  • ginkame

Thanks for showing an interest in the guild and let's make this guild number ONE through out the Lucent Heart world!

Guild News

Keep in touch

Sonoka, Oct 18, 11 9:57 PM.
Hey guys!~ I know that many of us don't go on the game cuz of personal reasons and random ones(?) lol. But we barely even come on to the guild forums anymore either . I really love Promises and love everyone that joined. You guys are like another family to me <3 Even though we don't play with each other or anything like that. We should def. try and stay in touch, and i totally feel like im repeating myself XD. At least one of us , like once in a while should type up something so we know how your doing :)!! Also if you guys are ever on, contact me :) with my new main Gatekeeper cuz i love you all so much. Also i think it would be really cool to play a mmorpg all together with this guild!!~ Let's always be here together and talk or write messages here in the forum!!! Ciao!~
                                                                                                                                        ~Love Sonoka~

New management!!!

neokiva, Sep 15, 11 4:29 PM.
Well I dont know the details but apparently i have been promoted to vice master Oo
Sonoka has been promoted to guild master.

well *looks around* Congrats are in order *hugs sonoka*
ok guys and girls new managements now in place. I'd like to see more faces online if at all possible, can't have a fun successful guild without active guild mates to have fun with!
I'll see you in game

-Ginkame <3

New Cash Shop Pet

neokiva, Sep 13, 11 6:39 PM.
hiya guys today a new pet capsule has been added to the cash shop. The pet  is a leah lion.
also available for the exhibitionist is a new temp items bra's and panties fashion in black or white.
also available for the boys fashion is a cowboy outfit both are temp items lasting a fixed amount of time.

-Ginkame <3


neokiva, Sep 9, 11 6:52 AM.
Hi guys i havent been able to get the music on the page stupid html editor playing up. anyway heres a direct link to the music you can download

Web Site Manager

neokiva, Sep 8, 11 8:17 AM.
Hi fellow guild members and potential members alike, I am ginkame and konataizumi in promises. I am also the Websites Manager I look after the page and make sure everything is working and updated.

Here is where me and ushie will be updating the news.
here is a few rules for the site:
I ask that you keep profaine language to a minimum.
that no one posts advertsof any kind.
Aboslutely No Trolling or flaming.
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